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If you are a fan of rules these ones will might surprise you

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If you are a fan of rules these ones will might surprise you

In Indonesia, you will get the penalty for masturbation and the sentences is beheading. In San Salvador, drunk drivers are sentenced to death by firing squad. In Bahrain, a male doctor may examine a woman’s genitals only through a mirror. In Rhode Island is prohibited to sell toothpaste and toothbrushes to the same person Sundays. In Minneapolis man is forbidden to have relations with a woman if his breath smells of sardines. In Singapore do not chew gum. In Arizona is punishable to hunt camels. In North Carolina, is punishable to swear before dead man. In Florida you should not have sexual relations with a hedgehog. In Burma may not use the Internet.

Anyone who tries to do that goes to prison. In Iowa, the horse cannot eat hydrant. In Vermont, women must obtain written permission from her husband to wearing false teeth.

In Los Angeles you cannot bathe two babies at the same time in the same bathtub. In Oklahoma, you may not have the sleeping donkey in the bathtub after 7 pm. In Israel, you cannot pick your nose on Sunday. . In Sweden you cannot use the services of prostitutes, although prostitution is legal. In Thailand, you cannot get out of the house without underwear on it. In California you cannot forbid a child to play in puddles. we thought about this can tell you more information about these rules.

However law sounds strange it should be respected. Probably somewhere in the past they have their purpose and they should not be neglected and disrespected. Law is like languages it changes all the time by the needs of human kind and sometimes human customs changes but laws stay still written in the books.

On the other hand there are some laws that may sound a very strange to us and our culture but still be very normal to others.

Skills and characteristics which a legal secretary should have

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Skills and characteristics which a legal secretary should have

As technology progresses, job of legal secretaries is no longer only to answer the phone and typing, mostly they are taking over tasks like choosing suppliers, organizing legal documents, and managing client relations. helpful link firms want a successful legal secretary in his office
No matter in which kind of company they are working, key obligations of legal secretaries at work remain the same. To be a successful legal secretary you should possess these skills and qualifications.

1. Good knowledge of technology

legal-secretaryLegal secretaries often operate with different tasks on computer, like creating tables, producing presentations, writing time for billing purposes, producing and typing legal papers, sustaining calendars and monitoring finishing dates. So, to be hired and successful in business, you must to have knowledge about work on computer.

2. You need to have a good relations with people

Legal secretaries communicate daily with all sorts of people – in person, via telephone, video calls and emails. They constantly must be in communication with people; with paralegals, lawyers, clients and many other people, so good communication skills are very important for this job. A good relationship with co-workers is essential for the successful resolution of the case. Find more about this topic on  navigate to this web-site.

3. Excellent writing skills

Writing is an essential part of the work of legal assistants. They often create and organize legal documents, so writing skills are essential for this job.

4. You need to have a good organization

Legal secretaries are right hand of attorneys, and since lawyers are often disorganized, their assistants must follow deadlines, prepare presentations, be in charge of projects, organize paperwork, set up meetings… The Secretaries have to be neat, organized and accessible in order to successfully do their jobs.

5. Knowledge of transcription

Fast typing, knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, spelling, knowledge of different languages and legal terminology are necessary to perform this job.

6. Exploration skills

Legal assistants must know to search the internet. They often search the Internet to collect customer data and some other details and matters related to cases on which they work, look for competition and find witnesses.

7. Supervising and performing two jobs at the same time – Multitasking skills

In most cases, a legal secretary works for more than one lawyer, so she needs to know how to operate and supervise two or more cases at the same time.

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